The Ins and Outs of White Spot Treatment According to Cosmetic Dentists in Atlanta, GA

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Feeling confident in your appearance allows you to project positive energy out into the world. So, when you struggle with white patches on your teeth, you may feel the need to hide your smile, which negatively affects your attitude and dampens your ability to enjoy your life. If you are dealing with this yourself, there are treatment options from cosmetic dentists in Atlanta, GA that can correct these issues. With white spot treatment, you can banish those blemishes and regain your sunny outlook on life.

At Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. Dr. Bahar Nia knows the impact cosmetic dentistry in Atlanta can have on rejuvenating your oral health and sense of self. That is why she has committed herself to providing supreme solutions to decayed and discolored teeth. Combining the best in health and beauty, when you visit Dr. Nia, you will be treated by the best cosmetic dentist in Atlanta.

Cosmetic Dentists in Atlanta, GA: White Spot Treatment

According to cosmetic dentists in Atlanta, GA white spot lesions are white blotches on your teeth that do not match your natural tooth color. Created by areas of highly concentrated dental plaque and acid, their presence prohibits your teeth from engaging in their regular regeneration process, which causes the development of white spot lesions.

What Causes White Spot Lesions?

There are several issues that can create white spot lesions on your teeth. Frequently, they are the result of demineralization, which occurs when bacterial plaque gathers as a result of prolonged use of braces or poor oral health. If not treated properly, these decalcifications can lead to further dental complications including advanced decay and cavities.

Cosmetic Dentists in Atlanta, GA also believe fluorosis to be a major contributor to white spot lesions. When your teeth are in their formative stages, these blotches can develop if you have ingested too much-fluoridated water or toothpaste, leading your teeth to have a yellow, chalky or brown appearance.

While it is less common, enamel hypoplasia can also factor into the development of white spot lesions. Causing areas on your teeth to become less mineralized due to nutritional deficiencies, medicinal reactions, premature birth, and more, your teeth become vulnerable to a buildup of decay that results in white spot lesions.

White Spot Treatment from Cosmetic Dentists in Atlanta, GA

The white spot treatment that will work best for you will be determined by the severity and origin of your white spot legions. However, Dr. Nia recommends teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, or Icon treatment to eradicate your blemishes.

Using a bleaching gel with highly concentrated chemicals, teeth whitening is an effective solution to balance the color of your tooth enamel. After creating and applying this customized mixture to your teeth in her office, Dr. Nia will provide you with an at-home care kit for additional maintenance to ensure that your white spot lesions do not reappear.

In some instances, your white spot lesions may be too severe to be treated with teeth whitening. If so, Dr. Nia will advise you to get porcelain veneers. Made with thin layers of composite material, porcelain veneers are individually bonded to each tooth that is affected by white spot lesions. While porcelain veneers do require the removal of tooth enamel to be applied, they are stain-resistant, so there is no possibility of your white spot lesions returning in the future.

A newer treatment option in cosmetic dentistry in Atlanta, Icon white spot treatment is a type of non-invasive restoration that eliminates white lesions and blotches. Using a micro-abrasion technique, Dr. Nia will expose your tooth’s tubules and apply several coats of resin to color-correct the affected teeth. This material soaks and bonds into your teeth before it is hardened using ultraviolet light to give them a brighter and more balanced appearance.

Get the White Spot Treatment You Need With the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Atlanta

Dr. Nia understands how difficult it is to smile with ease when you are unhappy with the appearance of white spot lesions on your teeth. That is why she will use her innovative technology and excellent services to give you a smile makeover that will enhance your beauty and self-esteem so you can keep on smiling for years to come.

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