Over time, life leaves stains on your teeth. Coffee, wine, and certain foods are some of the worst culprits, and if you want to enjoy these indulgences, teeth whitening can help to ensure your smile doesn’t suffer.

Teeth Whitening Treatment in Atlanta GA

At Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we offer professional in-office and take-home teeth whitening solutions for our patients.

Every patient is unique and we focus on custom solutions that are easy, safe, and maximize the beauty of your teeth.

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment in Atlanta GA

There are a number of kits that allow you to whiten your teeth at home that you can buy over the counter, but there are compelling reasons to choose professional, in-office, or take-home dental whitening solutions from Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. Home-based whitening, whitening toothpaste, and at-home kits all use a lower concentration of active ingredients that slow down the whitening process.

Professional whitening uses a custom mixture of active ingredients designed for your teeth that allow maximum efficiency in removing stains. Depending on the shade, the reason for discoloration, and past dental history, we put a recipe together to achieve optimal results.

When working on your teeth with whitening materials, we take extra caution to protect your gums and sensitive areas and ensure that we are working safely.

Typically, in-office whitening is followed by a take-home regimen that allows you to maintain the white teeth that we have achieved with touchups. The process includes:

  1. Clean the  plaque off your teeth and expose the stained enamel
  2. Apply whitening material to the required areas
  3. Clean materials and examine the new shade
  4. Send home in-home whitening regimen

What is Laser Teeth Whitening?

When talking about professional whitening treatment in Atlanta GA, one option to consider is using a laser to activate the chemical reaction in the whitening material that breaks down the staining. This typically is an ultra-violet light that allows the speed and effectiveness of whitening to improve and get you a better result. For candidates of this procedure, we can cut down visits to less than 1 hour with extraordinary results.

With a certain type of teeth and application, this is not an option and we choose another formula that is just as effective without some of the downsides that laser whitening has.

Atlanta Teeth Whitening Treatment

Are There Risks to Dental Teeth Whitening Atlanta?

In most cases, this is a straightforward, easy, and pain-free process. Unfortunately, when working with teeth, there is always the risk of some post-operative sensitivity or irritation that is manageable.

Additionally, Atlanta teeth whitening treatment can’t fix discoloration due to trauma, congenital issues, and darker restorations. For example, if your tooth is black or grey due to a dead nerve, teeth whitening won’t help, but your dentist can recommend other cosmetic dental procedures such as veneers or crowns.

Finally, it’s important to note that teeth whitening is not a permanent solution. When you get back into the real world, stains will again start accumulating. As a result, you need to boost the whitening with home treatments or by coming back to the dentist on a regular basis to make sure your touchups are taken care of.

How Do I Begin the Teeth Whitening Process in Atlanta?

If you like, you can start with a consultation and an exam. During that meeting, the dentist will look over the general health of your teeth and gums and let you know if you need any work. Then, he or she will let you know if you’re a good candidate for teeth whitening and make a follow-up appointment for that as well as any additional work you need to do.

Alternatively, if you know your teeth are in great condition, you can simply make an appointment for Atlanta teeth whitening without a consultation.

Make An Appointment Today At Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry For Teeth Whitening Treatment in Atlanta

If you’re ready for a whiter, brighter smile, contact us today. At Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we are committed to helping you look as beautiful as possible.

Teeth Whitening Process in Atlanta GA

Aging is a natural part of life and as your teeth age, it is normal for them to discolor and stain over time. However, if you are unhappy with your smile’s appearance, you do not have to settle for a look that leaves you feeling insecure.

With our teeth whitening process, you will get the zest back into your smile so that you can grin with ease and feel confident in your appearance.

At Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we use our comprehensive knowledge of cosmetic dentistry to provide you with better solutions for better outcomes.

Qualifying For Teeth Whitening Treatment in Atlanta GA

Teeth whitening is the best brightening solution for your teeth if you have worn enamel or brown and yellow staining caused by sugary foods, acidic drinks, the use of tobacco, or as a reaction to a medication.

There are certain issues like darker restorations and tetracycline staining that cannot be corrected with teeth whitening, so it is important to schedule a consultation to evaluate if you are eligible for the treatment.

Select the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Atlanta

When choosing an Atlanta cosmetic dentistry procedure, you want to find the best cosmetic dentist in Atlanta and then set up a consultation to see if the procedure is right for you.

At your consultation, we perform a routine examination to assess the health of your teeth and gums. If we determine that you do not need any additional dental work, you will be approved for teeth whitening treatment.

We then take impressions of your jaw and teeth that will be sent to our special lab so that we can create customized trays to fit the shape of your mouth. After these trays have been made, we will schedule you for a follow-up appointment.

The Process of Teeth Whitening In Atlanta GA

During your second visit, we will fit you for your trays to ensure that they securely attach to your teeth. Then, we fill them with a concentrated bleaching gel made of active ingredients including hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. After we place them on your teeth, you will need to sit with them for one hour. Once this is done, you will leave the office with a shimmery, bright smile.

Teeth Whitening Treatment in Atlanta GA

In some instances, you may qualify for laser teeth whitening. During this procedure, we apply the whitening material directly to your teeth and use a precise laser to cause a chemical reaction that completely breaks down stains. Since the use of this ultra-violet light works to increase the speed of the whitening process, you will leave the office in under sixty minutes with a pearly new smile.

After Procedure Care of Teeth Whitening Treatment Atlanta

While the process of teeth whitening is generally painless, you may experience some post-operative irritation or sensitivity. If so, we recommend that you use over-the-counter medications like Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen for any issues you encounter.

Since the process of staining will restart after your teeth whitening procedure, we will provide you with an at-home care kit so that you can continue with additional maintenance to support your results. You will also be advised to limit your consumption of any foods or activities that could cause dark staining to reappear.

Teeth Whitening Will Give You Bright Smile You Have Always Wanted

Your teeth will brighten up to eight shades with Dr. Bahar Nia’s patented teeth-whitening process in Atlanta. We use our attention to detail and close, personal touch to ensure you are satisfied with your new smile because once your appearance improves, so will your outlook on life.

At Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we provide five-star experiences that make you feel like royalty.

To receive teeth whitening from the best cosmetic dentist in Atlanta, contact us today so we can help give you the dream smile you’ve always wanted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fortunately, you have nothing to fear when looking for Atlanta teeth whitening treatment solutions. Professionals know exactly how much of a whitening agent you need and how to not harm your dental health.

No. You won’t feel pain from a whitening treatment; however, you might feel some discomfort as the whitening treatments can lead to some tooth sensitivity. Be mindful of this when you schedule a visit for your teeth whitening treatment in Atlanta.

There are several reasons. Some foods and drinks can stain your teeth, and as we age, the outer layers of your teeth erode, and the dentin becomes exposed. The dentin is more yellow in appearance than enamel, so your teeth will look discolored.

Following your teeth whitening services in Atlanta, you may experience some tooth sensitivity as it is a potential side effect of teeth whitening. Make sure you follow your orthodontist’s instructions to avoid the discomfort.

The average cost of your teeth whitening treatment in Atlanta could range anywhere between $500 and $1,000; however, you will need to go to a dentist for a better treatment cost estimate.

The effects provided by the services of a teeth whitening dentist in Atlanta will last as little as a couple of months or as much as a couple of years depending on the intensity of the treatment used and your habits. Patients who smoke tend to have stained teeth regardless of available teeth whitening treatments.

If you want your Atlanta teeth whitening treatment effects to last for long, you will do well to avoid smoking, drinking red wine, too much black tea and coffee, or eating some other foods that could stain your teeth.

The advantages of coming to a professional teeth whitening dentist in Atlanta include direct oversight of the process to avoid harming your teeth. Additionally, you won’t be at risk of harming your periodontal tissues, such as gums, during this process.