Atlanta Dental Crown Treatment provides you with the functionality of your natural teeth while correcting damage caused to a cracked or chipped tooth. Our team can provide you with an Atlanta dental crown that looks and feels like your actual tooth.

What is an Atlanta Dental Crown Treatment?

A dental crown is a routinely recommended treatment option in dentistry for a range of purposes. In cases such as restoring a large existing filling for the second time, having a large cavity that compromises the integrity of the tooth due to size and possible fractures, and missing surfaces of the tooth, a dental crown is an ideal treatment of choice. Sometimes the dental crown is also called a cap as it looks like a hollowed-out tooth-shaped hat that covers the entire tooth above the gum line. Atlanta Dental Crown Treatment come in a variety of materials such as gold, resin, porcelain fused to metal, porcelain for adults, and metal crowns for baby teeth. As aesthetics have had a strong impact on the field of dentistry, porcelain crowns have become one of the most popular material choices.

When Do Dentists Recommend a Dental Crown in Atlanta?

In cases where the cavities are so large that the tooth has lost some of its shape, if there’s a new cavity under an existing large filling, or if you have a cracked and chipped tooth, Atlanta Dental Crown Treatment is recommended. The crowns are also used to restore implants and make them function like regular teeth.

What are Implant-Retained Crowns?

Dental implants are biocompatible metal posts that are surgically placed and anchored into your jawbone. The bone around the post holds the implant firm and after a healing period, the post is strong enough to be able to tolerate the pressure of the patient’s bite. This is when a dental crown is customized and placed with the help of an adapting piece called an abutment to restore the implant and give it its functionality. The best restorative option for missing tooth spaces whether one or multiple teeth are missing is the dental implant Atlanta. The implant can simply become the anchor to restore several missing teeth with an implant-supported bridge or fill up the space for a single missing tooth.

What is the Process to Get a Dental Crown?

Creating a dental crown is essentially reshaping the tooth. If there are missing portions of the tooth due to decay or fracture, we will clean this up and ensure there is no further decay. The tooth may need to be filled up with a resin-based build-up material to provide a proper shape and size for the permanent crown to go on. If the patient’s tooth has maintained its integrity in size after the original reshaping, then the dentist can move forward to the next step. We will take a mold or impression of the reshaped tooth and surrounding teeth to be sent to the laboratory to be custom made or made in-house with a machine that creates same-day crowns. There are different preferences and views on same-day crown techniques. As it’s a new technology and is still perfecting its process, some dentists may or may not choose to offer the same-day crowns at their offices.

How Are Dental Crowns Made?

Dental crowns are each individually crafted so that they perfectly mimic the patient’s bite and dental anatomy.  Making a crown can be done by creating a physical impression that is taken from the patient’s mouth or newer technology that will utilize a 3D digital scanner to create a digital impression and capture the necessary information regarding the patient’s bite and anatomy. Then the impression will be processed into a plastic or stone model of the tooth duplicating the shape and the information of that tooth in order for the crown to be fabricated.

Ensuring the perfect fit and finish of the crown is the last step. This will be done when the patient comes back on the second visit to try on the permanent crown and will determine the closure of all the margins around the crown with an X-ray followed by making sure the color and shape match the patient’s other teeth.

Atlanta Dental Crown Treatment


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