The team at Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is here to help you achieve all your goals related to the beautiful smile you dream of. You can get the Atlanta smile makeover of your dreams with a team of specialists that care about the personal touch everyone deserves.

Get ready to feel pampered from the moment you enter and feel how our philosophy of care, attentiveness, and people-centered approach to dentistry makes you feel welcome and excited about the opportunity to work on how to achieve your goals. Remember, you can have a better life through a healthier smile!

What Is a Smile Makeover?

If you’re looking for a smile makeover, you’ll be interested in using one or several cosmetic dentistry techniques and treatments to improve the appearance of your teeth and gums. This series of cosmetic dental procedures starts with the careful selection of treatments that properly address your existing conditions and align with the vision you have.

Unlike many other dentistry treatments, cosmetic dentistry doesn’t have to wait for so long to heal and will help with the form and function of your dental structures.

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Who Can Benefit From a Smile Makeover?

Make sure to set up an appointment with us for an initial consultation with Dr. Bahar Nia and her team to determine if a smile makeover is right for you. We’ll have to complete an initial oral exam to determine if your oral health requires any additional considerations and have a thorough discussion regarding your expectations and what we can offer you.

Developing your custom treatment plan requires considering your medical history, facial structure, and skin tone. We want your smile to look as good as possible and be in harmony with your face.

Here are some of the conditions you can take care of with a full smile makeover:

  • Discoloration. Do you feel like you have brown or yellow stains on your teeth? Perhaps this is the result of tobacco use or drinking too much tea or cola. Many patients require a smile makeover that addresses their teeth discoloration after the prolonged use of some medications or direct trauma to their teeth.
  • Missing Teeth. It won’t matter if you lost your teeth recently or long ago. Missing teeth can lead to several other problems, and a smile makeover or full mouth reconstruction can help replace missing pieces, restore proper function, and improve your oral health.
  • Damaged Teeth. If you suffered any direct trauma to your teeth while you practiced contact sports or during an accident, you might now notice you have a chipped tooth or fine lines that indicate a fracture. Consult with our team to work on a treatment plan that maintains your teeth’ structural integrity.

A full mouth reconstruction, which is very similar to a smile makeover, addresses cosmetic issues as well as more serious issues that affect the form or function of your teeth. Make sure to set up an appointment with our amazing team to have a conversation about how to leverage cutting-edge technologies and our expertise and achieve your goals.

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What Are the Treatments Included in a Smile Makeover

Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is proud to offer you the best in cosmetic dentistry Atlanta and Buckhead have to offer. As you may have noticed, there are plenty of conditions you can treat with a smile makeover, so you might also be interested in knowing a bit more about the specific treatments that can make up your treatment plan.

Get the Best Smile MakeOver Specialist Atlanta Has to Offer

Get in touch with our office to find out more about how you can get started with these treatments and achieve the best possible version of your smile in no time. We’ll love working with you, and you’ll love coming back to an environment that makes you feel at ease and excited about each consultation.

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