Tooth extraction can be necessary in a number of cases. In particular, if your tooth is unrepairable due to severe decay, if you have larger sized teeth creating severe crowding and lack of space in the mouth.

Atlanta Tooth Extraction to Address Crowding

If you’re an immunocompromised patient, or if you have periodontally-involved teeth with a lack of bone support and severe mobility, you may need a tooth extraction in Atlanta.

The discrepancy between space in the dental arches and teeth sizes can create severe crowding. Extracting some of the teeth, typically bicuspid and wisdom teeth, to create more room can help facilitate crowding correction.

Atlanta Tooth Extraction Due to Periodontal Disease

Periodontally-involved teeth have mobility due to atrophy and loss of the jawbone that firmly holds the teeth. As the bacteria that causes infection and inflammation of the gums become more aggressive and contribute to more mobility of the teeth due to bone loss, there will be a point of no return where restorative options are no longer a choice and the patient will need to have the teeth extracted to eliminate the infection and create a healthier mouth.

Tooth Extraction in Atlanta to Avoid Infection

An infected tooth can spread the infection to the rest of your body throughout the blood vessels that supply the pulp of the tooth. This risk is particularly pronounced if you are dealing with an immunocompromised patient due to cancer or other health conditions. In these cases, your dentist may recommend an extraction to rid the body of the possibility of the infection spreading.

Atlanta Tooth Extraction to Address Crowding

Alternatives to Dental Extractions in Atlanta

If the tooth is at a stage that can be restored following a root canal in Atlanta, the standard of care is to save the tooth and restore it with a crown after the root canal. Sometimes due to financial restrictions, a patient may choose to have the tooth extracted to incur lesser treatment costs.

Risks of Unnecessary Tooth Extraction in Atlanta

Unnecessary extractions that are not followed by replacing the tooth and restoring the empty space can create issues such as bite discrepancy and changes due to shifting of the teeth that have micro-movements in the mouth and the tendency to try to close the gap or the empty space. Digestion issues can rise from bite issues and the teeth surfaces not meeting properly to break up the food particles.

The Process For a Tooth Extraction in Atlanta

In cases where Atlanta tooth extraction is necessary, the process is relatively straightforward. You may start with a consultation and do the extraction in a follow-up appointment. However, for Atlanta dental emergencies, you may be able to get the dental extraction the very same day that you make the appointment.

Generally, the dentist or the oral surgeon starts by administering local anesthesia. If necessary, you can also opt for nitrous or laughing gas, oral, or IV sedation to reduce pain and anxiety levels even further. If necessary, the dentist may cut away bone or tissue that is locking the tooth into place. Then, the dentist moves the tooth out of its socket by rotating it gently back and forth until it comes loose.

Depending on the situation, you may be prescribed antibiotics before after, or after the extraction to make sure all the infectious bacteria are eliminated completely.

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