Welcome to Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Welcome to our practice! We look forward to taking great care of you. We are about establishing a long term relationship focused on trust and excellence. We can’t wait to provide you a fivestar experience.
– Bahar Nia, DMD

Understanding Your Experience

Understanding Your Experience

We understand finding a new dental office can be nerve recking because of the unknown. Our goal is to introduce to you the process of joining our practice so you can hear, visualize, and understand what we are about. At the end of the day our goal is to make sure you are absolutely comfortable and feel that your care is individualized. Please watch our video.

Meet Our Doctors

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    Dr. Bahar Nia

      Dr. Will Zinney


      316 Pharr Road
      Atlanta Georgia 30305

      Phone: 404-400-0400

      8am – 4pm

      Google Reviews

      I will start off by saying that I have severe anxiety with even discussing the word "dentist". I have had a lifetime of horrific experiences and have disliked every single dentist I have ever gone to. I am very skeptical and critical of dentists. I began to believe the dentist was just a necessary evil that had to be dealt with. I found Dr. Nia through my insurance and google reviews. I cannot express the amount professionalism and comfort I experienced through my cleaning visit. #1 every single employee who works in this office was absolutely hands down the most courteous staff member ever... I was extremely impressed. My dental hygienist, Katelyn, was fantastic and ensured I was aware of her steps and procedures. She did everything (and then some!) to make sure I was comfortable. (Side note: there are TV's on the ceiling above the chair, and Bose noise-cancelling headphones in every room!! just WOW). They have every high-tech, new-age equipment/utensil to make everything they do pain-free and effortlessly simple. I was completely shocked. #2 Dr. Nia is an absolutely angel. She is the FIRST dentist to not wag their finger in my face and tell me all the things I HAD DONE WRONG with my teeth. She listened to every detail of my history and my goals for my teeth. Additionally, she knows how to relate to me and help me build a timeline to achieve a healthy smile catered to ME. Even after being told I had to have 3 crowns put in, she broke the news to me in the NICEST, most warm way possible. #3 When I went to speak with Jennifer, their practice admin/financials, she was just another friendly face to add to the list. She ensured all my questions were answered and kept me at ease the entire time. I have never been more pleased to visit a dentist in my entire life. I do not say that lightly at all. I am already looking forward to many more visits with Dr. Nia. I am truly so so thankful there are still wonderful people in this world, especially everyone at BCFD. So, if you're looking for a new dentist (or a better one), do not look any further, toss all other possibilities, and book an appointment with Dr. Nia. You will NOT be disappointed. This provides a NEW level of what dentistry SHOULD BE.
      Allison Stinchcomb
      18:25 17 Sep 19
      Very very friendly staff, makes you feel right at home.
      Chelsea Lyons
      17:59 12 Sep 19
      I have the worst anxiety and Dr. Nias office made me feel absolutely comfortable!
      soho patel
      15:13 12 Sep 19
      Great atmosphere and wonderful staff!
      Deanna Dixon
      13:24 12 Sep 19
      What a great experience I’ve always had here! Dr.Nia and her staff are the best!
      Milana Erdman
      13:03 12 Sep 19
      Everyone here is so nice! They even have TVs on the ceiling while your teeth are being worked on. Dentists are typically a pain to go to, but I had a very pleasant experience here, I highly recommend it.
      Arlie Suttles
      19:41 10 Sep 19
      Dr. Nia and her team are amazing! They calmed me of my fear of dental work and installed 6 crowns with such ease. Dentistry at its BEST!
      Shelby Adkison
      01:03 10 Sep 19
      Honestly one of the nicest dentist I have been to. The staff is so friendly and truly care about your experience while you're there. Definitely recommend to anyone looking for an awesome dentist
      Austin Robbins
      17:24 09 Sep 19
      Such an amazing experience here! Dr. Nia and her team made my visit one to remember for sure! Looking forward to this new venture and new smile!!
      Teisha Speight
      15:05 05 Sep 19
      Great service & staff!!!! I highly recommend
      Jamisha Williams
      15:23 29 Aug 19
      The customer service was excellent, Dr.Nia 🙂was so sweet yet so professional. Thank you Mrs.Jennifer for all your help 🙂.. THIS IS THE PLACE TO GET STARTED ON THE RIGHT PATH TO A BEAUTIFUL SMILE .. My experience here was EXCELLENT FROM THE MOMENT I WALKED IN TO THE MOMENT I WALKED OUT ... Thank you 😊, Alexandra ..
      Ivan Lopez
      02:35 29 Aug 19
      Had a wonderful experience here. Dr. Nia and her staff are amazing!
      Jasmine Williams
      15:39 27 Aug 19
      By far the most professional dental experience I have had! Absolutely recommend!
      Andrew Gavre
      19:29 22 Aug 19
      Dr, bahar Nia and her staff and beyond incredible! They make you feel comfortable and at home during your visits! Highly recommend you go see them.
      Wesley Edwards
      18:06 22 Aug 19
      Good morning 😃, went in for my appointment this morning for my cleaning today. When I tell you I live this place they do an amazing 😉 job. They are very professional 😂and my teeth 🦷 look amazing. I am very pleased 😀 with my cleanse today. I love the one on one care and also the time I get to spend with Dr. Nia she is always smiling and speaks with you after every visit 😉😃😃
      Nikia Mccord
      15:00 22 Aug 19
      Everyone is very nice and professional. Very satisfied with the procedures I have had done here.
      René Lopez
      13:22 21 Aug 19
      Very friendly environment; everyone was very knowledgeable and came out with a solid treatment plan.
      Emily Herbold
      19:44 20 Aug 19
      Love you guys! Super fast and friendly service. Definitely my new dental home !!!
      Christian Wingfield
      13:26 20 Aug 19
      Great customer service! I will be returning and would recommend to friends and family.
      Cecilia Valeri
      16:54 19 Aug 19
      Lovely experience at Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry! Dr. Nia and her staff are consummate professionals. Looking forward to my next visit!
      Cristina Del Toro
      19:36 15 Aug 19
      Best experience I've had with a dentist. The staff is very good at what they do, and they're personable. They also provide noise cancelling headphones, and TV's on the ceilings so you can completely zone out. This will 100% be the dentist I go to from now on.
      15:44 15 Aug 19
      Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry had provided the best dental service I've had in more than 10 years. The staff is always ready to answer questions about my dental needs, the office is relaxing and Dr. Nia's consultations have helped me to begin addressing important issues with my dental health. I've had the best experience here!
      C. Dixon
      12:58 15 Aug 19
      What a marvelous. I got excellent experience I really like everything Dr. Nia, staff and the place too I recommend to anyone to come.
      Maryam Josh
      23:22 13 Aug 19
      Great practice! Very comfortable office and knowledgeable staff.
      Amanda Frye
      16:55 13 Aug 19
      Customer service was excellent! I had tooth pain and this office got me in within a few days of me contacting them. The office was extremely clean, nice, and well equipped. The staff was pleasant and made the experience great. Would recommend to any friends or family and I will be returning in the future
      Corey Chapman
      16:48 13 Aug 19
      Great office. Amazing customer service and friendly staff. Always feel comfortable and taken care of.
      Brooke Bailey
      19:49 12 Aug 19
      I just loved how I was treated. A little numb but the staff was very welcoming. Will definitely be back. My type of service!!
      Lavonte Perkinson
      19:12 12 Aug 19
      Fantastic, professional, welcomeing. would recommend to anyone living in the area 😁
      Drew Dent
      18:01 12 Aug 19
      Absolutely the most pleasant experience possible while at the dentist. The whole staff is extremely knowledgeable and welcoming. Dr. Nia is the KINDEST human on this planet. She really takes away any insecurities you might have regarding your oral hygiene. They use state of the art technology and thoroughly explain each step they take. After my cleaning I was given a nice warm wash cloth for my face; talk about next level service! I left the office feeling like a million bucks, equipped with a new easy preventative at home care routine and the feeling that I just gained 4 new friends. 🙂
      britney hortman
      20:10 08 Aug 19
      The staff is truly amazing. The office is very high tech and modern. Honestly I can’t imagine going to a different dentist office after this experience ! New patients even get a gift bag with the choice of an electric toothbrush or whitening trays !
      16:56 08 Aug 19
      If i could give 100 stars I would! I have never had such an amazing experience at the dentist. In fact, I have always dread going to the dentist... so bad that my old dentist made a note of it in my charts. That being said, I did not feel a second of discomfort during my cleaning and x-rays. Tiffany is absolutely AMAZING and I genuinely cannot wait to go back. The atmosphere is incredible and the office is just beautiful. Dr. Nia is also just lovely and so personable. I am here to stay, that's for sure!!!!
      Gracie Abercrombie
      15:30 07 Aug 19
      I came here for the proximity to my office and my apartment and I stayed because everything is incredible! Everyone is super kind and the office is pristinely clean and refreshing! I’ve had pain on the right side of my mouth and they’ve done everything in their ability to help end the pain and make things right. I’ve loved every visit to BC&F Dentistry!
      Jessica Jackson
      13:51 06 Aug 19
      Tiffany and Dr. Nia are absolutely fabulous. They took time to show me my-xrays and talk thru the problem areas. The staff is very welcoming and the office is absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for a dentist.
      20:47 01 Aug 19
      As someone in the customer service industry I can appreciate the top notch experience. Great attention to detail at all points in the process on site. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for new dentist.
      Susan Fulford
      19:05 01 Aug 19
      These women are awesome! The tech is great (handheld mouth cancer screening, TVs on the ceiling) and the customer service is best I’ve ever experienced. 5/5 would recommend!
      AJ Shilcoski
      13:22 01 Aug 19
      The staff here are so nice and professional. They always do such a wonderful job and they gave me a free electric toothbrush!
      Dania Scott
      12:19 01 Aug 19
      What a great experience! Staff is so sweet and was super gentle and caring. My kids loved this place and so did I! I would definitely recommend to anyone. Great clean place with exceptional customer service! Bright smiles upon entering and exiting.
      Latasha Menard
      15:45 30 Jul 19
      It’s been too long since I’ve been to the dentist unfortunately but I’m glad I waited for the right office because this one is phenomenal. Everyone there is so kind and accommodating and took their time to make sure I was as comfortable as I possibly could be. Being an interior designer, the first thing that took my breath away was the beautiful finishes and decor throughout all of the facility. Marble countertops and hardwood flooring make this office feel like you’ve stepped in to the most luxurious appointment you’ve ever made. The leather reclining chairs were of high quality and so comfortable. To top it off there are 2 HD TVs in your room and once they lay you back, you see the second on the ceiling! I got to meet the lovely owner at the end of my appointment and it was simply the cherry on top of a great experience. They were knowledgeable and walked me through every process I needed as well as created a map of how the financial process worked. I’m happy to say this is my new dentist office and am actually looking forward to my next appointment this week!
      Dan Martuscello
      13:12 26 Jul 19
      As a new patient, I felt right at home soon as I walked in. I was greeted by Amanda, who was energetic and so friendly I forgot I was at the dentist! I had my cleaning done by Katlyn and she was so sweet. She was quick informative, and even gave me headphones to watch tv! She went over my pictures in detail and prepared me for the doctor. Dr. Nia, was very warm, and made me feel at ease even though I had some not too good news. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I CANT WAIT TO COME BACK! Schedule your appointment today!!
      Drew Graham
      15:57 25 Jul 19
      The Staff were very polite and friendly. Dr Nia was so warm and very impressionable, she was able to understand the goal I wanted to achieve with my smile. She explained the plan and process for my treatment. The dental practice is very clean. This was overall the best dental experience I’ve ever had.
      Damilola Oladunni
      00:49 25 Jul 19
      By far, the best experience I have ever had at a Dental Practice! Every 5 star review this place receives is accurate. Highly recommend to anyone searching for a new Dental Practice!
      Charles Perkins
      20:42 22 Jul 19
      Incredible staff and doctor! Everyone is so nice and friendly. The place is immaculate, top of the line equipments.
      Marco Camplone
      18:17 22 Jul 19
      It was a great experience..the whole staff was both professional and courteous😊!
      Marvin DeSadier
      14:32 22 Jul 19
      Very accommodating and friendly staff. I hate the dentist, yet they made me feel very comfortable for my entire visit.
      Brandon Dent
      18:00 15 Jul 19
      Omgggg this place is amazing. The staffs are very professional. Tiffani is the best with lot of experience. Doctor Nia is amazing. Great team thanks guys. I’m from New York so I choose you now
      Branton Smith
      13:33 11 Jul 19
      Great environment and experience!
      Jay Patel
      17:50 09 Jul 19
      Great office! Friendly staff. Always on time and very personable. Highly recommend.
      Michelle Marshall
      17:44 09 Jul 19
      Amazing services, very professional, and comfortable visit. Dr. Bahar is awesome!!
      Sean Surles
      14:02 09 Jul 19
      Great experiences here!!! Dr Nia is so amazing inside and out! Staff friendly as well. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! 🙂
      Joi McCall
      14:35 08 Jul 19
      Buckhead Dentistry is right next door to my condo so I figured I would check it out due to proximity. I’m glad I did because it is absolutely the most FABULOUS dental experience I have ever had. Dentistry of the future at its finest! Total 5 star experience.. each time I’m here it feels like a visit to a luxury hotel instead of the dentist AND they’re in network with many insurances. Incredible staff, gorgeous office (even smells amazing), huge TVs, and no craning your neck to see it while getting work done because there’s one on the ceiling! No problem hearing them either because they give you Bose over the ear headphones. My first visit I had some fillings that needed to be replaced and they were able to show me huge photos on the TV of what my fillings look like to very clearly explain why the work needed to be done. Couldn’t rave about this place more and will continue telling all of my friends!
      Jessica Kilcoyne
      14:22 08 Jul 19
      Tiffani, my hygienist was excellent. Not only was she excellent, but she made me feel very comfortable. All staff members are very friendly and the office is very clean. My first visit and I would recommend this practice in a heartbeat! 👍🏽👍🏽
      sonia gordon
      19:21 02 Jul 19
      They are the best in Buckhead always fast and always friendly . Thanks guys for helping me keep up my smile
      Power Moves
      15:05 02 Jul 19
      This is the best dentist office I’ve been to. Everyone is so friendly and professional. The facility is immaculate. I used to be nervous at the dentist office but now I’m excited to go every time! I highly recommend visiting.
      Olivia G
      15:31 01 Jul 19
      Such a great experience!!! The staff was super nice and committed to making sure customers felt welcomed and comfortable.
      Amadi Daughrity
      16:36 28 Jun 19
      I have never been more comfortable going to the dentist in my life! Dr. Nia is so kind and knowledgeable. Literally the entire staff is amazing! I am bringing my entire family here for service.
      Melissa Harper
      11:12 26 Jun 19
      I had an awsome experince at Buckhead Dentistry! Excellent customer service and beautiful and comfortable exam /sercvice areas. You can even watch TV while getting your teeth cleaned. If you are looking for a dentist you should definitely try Buckhead Dentistry!
      Tony Winters
      17:06 24 Jun 19
      I love the care and customer service that I receive with Dr. Nia and her team!
      Jimica Tchamako
      14:15 24 Jun 19
      Karla and Dr. Nia were so great! I hate the numbing process and they really made me feel so comfortable during my filling procedure! I give the highest review!
      02:11 24 Jun 19
      First time patient today and really enjoyed my experience. I had a cleaning and teeth whitening and all the hygienists were so informative and gentle. Dr. Nia was great and very accommodating, loved her client service!I also really appreciated the office as it is very clean and state of art!
      The Roe Shop
      20:06 20 Jun 19
      Moving to the city, I've been struggling to find a dentist office. I stumbled across this one because I live nextdoor, and I will never go anywhere else. The entire staff is friendly in a way you would expect from friends or family. It's such a nice and relaxing vibe, you barely remember you're at a dentist office. During your cleaning you are provided with a wireless Bose headphones set connected to a TV above you. During your cleaning you can watch the tv, which is very relaxing. At the end of my initial visit Dr.Nia sat down and took the time to explain everything in depth. What each of my x-rays meant, and what the various images meant. I also worked with Katlyn, who I can not reccomend enough. I've always worked with Jennifer when it comes time to pay, and she's just as friendly. Breaks down the price, and explains the reasoning behind it. The dentist is typically something everyone puts off for as long as possible, it's not an enjoyable thing. However Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry has changed that completely. I cannot reccomend them enough!
      Taylor Brodeur
      15:53 20 Jun 19
      came here first time for an emergency replacement of my filling after it had fell out. the staff and dentist were very sweet and worked to help me relieve my pain. i was impressed by service so i decided to come back and do a full exam and cleaning! while i am in atl i will be making this my primary dentist. the staff is excellent!
      Elizabeth Lynch
      13:49 19 Jun 19
      Monday, May 17, 2019 was my first time visiting the office due to poor service at my previous dentist office. Buckhead Dentistry did not disappoint. The office is beautiful! The staff is welcoming and patient. I went for a routine cleaning and my hygienist, Kaitlyn, was great. She kept me informed from beginning to end of what she was doing and why. You’re able to select what you want to watch on the tv and you’re given Bose noise cancelling headphones to use too. Dr. Nia was great too. At my request, she informed of the orthodontic treatment plan that would be best for my needs. She told me the order in which to do things so no money would be wasted. Based on my first visit, my only regret is not having come to Buckhead Dentistry sooner.
      Dionne M.
      12:00 19 Jun 19
      The staff is amazing ,made us feel at home/ease by being thorough and informative. The hospitality is nothing that I have seen before, especially from a dentist office. I am happy to have finally found a place that I can come back to. I highly recommend coming to Buckhead Dentistry!!
      Bilal K
      17:57 18 Jun 19
      I now LOVE going to the dentist. This is the most beautiful, clean, friendly office I have ever been too. From the time you walk in, to the time you leave, everyone is amazing. Can’t wait to tell my family & friends! Thank you Tiffani, Dr.Nia, Amanda, Melissa, you all made my experience an awesome one.
      chelsey perry
      20:35 12 Jun 19
      Seriously the best dental office I’ve ever been to in my life. My teeth feel amazing every time I leave here.
      j ful
      17:23 12 Jun 19
      Very pleasant experience. Friendly staff. I loved that they let you pick something to watch on tv & listen to on headphones during your cleaning... really helped me to relax.
      Kate O'Hagan
      14:52 12 Jun 19
      Absolutely love the customer service and work that Buckhead Dentistry does! They are so friendly, give plenty of reminders and are helpful with every aspect of dentistry, definitely check them out!
      Savannah Berry
      11:34 12 Jun 19
      This is definitely the dentist I'll be using forever staff are the bomb from when I walked in from reception, Katlyn,Jennifer, Dr Nia . I will definitely recommend whomever is reading to get here the experience is AMAZING.
      Olde Savannah Seafood co
      15:16 10 Jun 19
      Going to Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is one of the best choices I've made since moving to Atlanta. Tiffany, who was my dental hygienist made me feel very comfortable the moment she introduce her self to me. At the beginning of my dental cleaning, Tiffany made sure i was comfortable and also gave me these cool head phones to watch TV. While cleaning my teeth, Tiffany was gentle and very informative how to take better care of my teeth. Tiffany educated me on good treatment and preventative care for my teeth. She was awesome!!!!The highlight of my dental appointment did not stop there. While waiting on Dr. Nia, Tiffany made me a nice, hot, fresh cappuccino. Dr Nia came in and introduce her self with a pleasant smile and said WELCOME!! Dr. Nia checked my mouth and explain to me the little issues i had with my teeth. She was very honest and gave me a lot of information on how to take an even better care of my teeth. Dr. Nia compassionate attitude made me feel at ease and comfortable. Dr. Nia have my best interest at heart. Proceeding to check out, I was introduce to Jennifer. She ask how was my visit and I told her it was great. Jennifer quickly checked me out and also told me how its a pleasure to work with her staff. Jennifer also explained to me about my teeth. She was very knowledgeable and caring. Also had a great smile and good since of humor. She booked my next appointment that was best for me. Thank you Buckhead Cosmetic for making another great home for me to visit!!!!
      Freddie Bevrotte
      22:46 06 Jun 19
      So impressed with this dentist! Dr. Bahr’s Nia is an artist with getting my bite right on fillings. I had a lot of fixes to be done with some work from another dentist I had previously seen (my fillings were falling out, yes plural) and she saved the day... noYear. She saved years. I won’t even consider going to another, why would I? I can comfortably watch ESPN or Cartoons while being confident my pearly whites are getting handled with care. 6/5
      Sawyer James
      16:18 06 Jun 19
      If you want first class dental care this is the place for you! Everyone who works at Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry is so kind and caring from the moment you walk in the door. The staff goes the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and to help you understand all aspects of your care. I was fearful of going to a new dentist after 2 years of avoiding dental appointments, but could not be happier about my experience. I feel at peace knowing that I am in great hands for the work that I need and what the out of pocket costs will be. Big thank you to Katlyn, Dr. Nia, & the entire Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry staff!
      Lauren Baumli
      14:28 06 Jun 19
      Very nice, professional, elegant company. I was well taken care of, I would recommend anyone to come here. Patrick F
      Lamar Dior
      15:39 05 Jun 19
      I've recently moved to the city and had to find a new dentist, which is always a stressful thing to do. But having visited this office for an emergent issue, I felt at ease and can't wait to continue my relationship with Dr. Nia and her staff for my future cleanings and dental issues.
      Claire Engstrom
      08:38 05 Jun 19
      Loved it! Very Professional and up to date
      20:35 04 Jun 19
      As soon as you walk in, you are greeted with a smile. They made me feel very comfortable and appreciated for my business. The staff is great! Now when I go, I’m greeted by my first name as I walk into the door! They’re awesome
      Antrice Handy
      10:55 04 Jun 19
      I was referred to Dr. Nia by someone who works at another office that her husband owners, i believe and was so sceptical of everything that has to do with a dentist and i need some major work done so made me even more scared because i had bad work done and did not want to go through that again. i travel a little over an hours for each visit from my home, Two and a half hour drive round trip, and it's well worth the drive! Dr. Nia and all the ladies in the office, Mrs jennifer and the one that is always by my side helping when Dr. Nia (sorry can't remember her name ) they have literally become family to me, Dr.Nia is so sweet, caring and so loving I've been to so many different dentist offices and have never been treated with such caring and respect as i get at this office! i've gotten my temporary set on (top six teeth) waiting for my permanent sets to come in and the temps are so Great that im speechless, can not stop smiling! everyone who knows how bad i wanted this done loves them as do I!!!! so I can only imagine what the permanent ones will look like I cant wait to have all the work i'm planning to get done it finally official! Dr. Nia and her assistance have been WONDERFUL , they have been working hard to get the dream smile i've been wanting for years and i can't get over how pleased i've been so far! This office and woman have been a BLESSING to me and i will always recommend them to anyone who asks! love these woman!
      Samanitha Johnson
      18:23 31 May 19
      From making the appointment, to the very end everything was easy. All the staff were very friendly and professional. Dr. Nia and Katlyn explained everything in detail.
      Wanda Spraggins
      20:59 30 May 19
      Excellent people skills. The staff is professional and they always check on your comfort level. I also like that I can communicate through text messages if necessary.
      Alicia Mojica
      18:41 30 May 19
      This is the second time I’ve been here. They are great, and I would highly recommend.
      Richard Bubb
      15:34 30 May 19
      My daughters and I are all patients of Dr. Nia, and we’ve been very pleased with our dental care. We’ve always been seen within a few minutes of arriving for our appointments, and the staff is very friendly. We would recommend this practice to anyone looking for a dentist in the Buckhead area.
      Julie Landis
      15:53 28 May 19
      Everyone here is very friendly and professional. They have new equipment and flat screen TV’s to watch while you are being serviced. Great location with ample parking. If you were looking for a new dentist I would highly recommend this office.
      Kimberly Postell
      04:26 28 May 19
      Friendly staff and professional service - appointment scheduled quickly. Office is clean and modern equipment makes cleanings more comfortable.
      Jonathan Axmann
      23:53 26 May 19
      I have had such an amazing experience with Buckhead Dentistry! I just moved to Atlanta, so finding a great dentist was very important to me and Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry exceeded all of my expectations. Dr. Nia and her staff made me feel so comfortable and are extremely friendly, professional, and informative. I definitely recommend Buckhead Dentistry for your next dental appointment!
      Patricia Caroline White
      03:42 26 May 19
      It took me a few years to find a dentist that I liked, and have been blown away with Dr. Nia & her staff, and the office. From super friendly & knowledgeable staff to the latest technology & hospitality (infused towels to wipe face with, multiple TVs in treatment rooms + headphones), I’m thrilled to have found my forever dentist!
      Leah Gautreaux
      13:31 23 May 19
      Everyone is SO friendly and warm here!! Loved my experience ☺️
      Alyssa Marino
      16:16 22 May 19
      First time here and I ended up showing up a week early but they were graciously able to accommodate me. Very friendly staff and wonderful service.
      20:42 21 May 19
      Awesome experience! Kaitlyn was awesome and Dr. Nia explained everything for me and helped answer all my questions! Definitely recommend!Office design is also super modern and awesome special props to Nia for the interior design!
      Christopher Richardson
      20:27 21 May 19
      Great service, relaxing atmosphere and very efficient. Make you feel comfortable throughout the appointment and are always on time.
      Jordan Johnson
      19:51 21 May 19
      Was looking for a new dentist after moving to the city, & so happy with the switch!! Dr. Nia is incredibly personable and caring about the individual, and this culture completely carries over - from the front desk staff to the hygienists. Beautiful office and an overall 5 star experience.
      Grace Magrino
      13:42 21 May 19
      Great! They all make you feel comfortable and respectful of your time
      Mariaknice M
      19:58 20 May 19
      Amazing experience! Top of the line equipment and technology with a very personable staff. Dr. Nia is one of a kind, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment.
      Jarrod Owens
      19:41 20 May 19
      Always an amazing experience !
      Lori Rourk
      19:08 20 May 19
      Everybody I worked with was great, highly recommend for any person or family!
      Carl Ruuska
      16:44 20 May 19
      This was my first visit, and I have to say this is by far the best dentist office I’ve ever been to!! The staff is amazing, and the office is superb. This is definitely my new home for dentist visits. I would definitely recommend this to anyone and everyone !
      Lola Adeyi
      15:15 20 May 19
      My review is for Dr. Zinney only. He doesn’t mind explaining after you ask questions.
      Tiffany Weatherholtz
      01:55 18 May 19
      This was my first visit with Dr. Nia. My hygienist was Katelyn. Great experience.
      Rebecca Harwell
      19:33 16 May 19
      For anyone with anxiety around the dentist, this place is amazing. Everyone is so nice and understanding. I had nitrous to get the attachments from my Invisalign off my back teeth, which I had been too nervous to do for a year, and everything was perfect.
      Katie Lambert
      15:13 16 May 19
      Today was my first appointment with Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, but it absolutely will not be my last. The location is ideal, the office is beautiful, and the staff is extremely welcoming and knowledgeable. I know my teeth will be well taken care of here!
      Cara Miller
      14:09 16 May 19
      Great practice. Very clean and friendly, highly recommend.
      JD Jeske
      15:47 15 May 19
      Amazing staff! Best facilities around as well! Super efficient! A+ all around!
      Ryan White
      15:39 15 May 19
      Very friendly and nice, great atmosphere and very professional. You would love their services.
      Edirin Kpohraror
      15:01 15 May 19
      Super friendly staff and a very pleasant overall experience!!
      Alison Kleinjan
      14:37 15 May 19
      Wonder full people, very friendly Dr. Nia ws wonderful answering all questions and Dr. Katlyn was really awesome in taking care of me i would defently recommend it
      Nikhil Gorintla
      17:14 14 May 19
      Had my first cleaning. Great staff and they even offer tv on the ceiling and Bose headphones to use during your cleaning.
      James Kayes-Smith
      13:56 14 May 19
      Moved to the area from Chicago and did some research that led me to the office. Dr. Nia is wonderful. Professional and caring and makes you feel as a patient that you are incredibly important. Love that I found a practice I can be completely comfortable in.
      leana flores
      18:44 13 May 19
      Very friendly staff and very comfortable and modern building. I was very impressed by the care and the technology they used to complete the exam.
      Chelsea Merris
      18:40 13 May 19
      I went as a new patient and it was the smoothest process to get me in the system. I had ex-rays, cleaning, and a consultation from Dr. Nia all in one and half hours. Very quick and thorough cleaning process where they gave me recommendations on better cleaning techniques and tooth brushes, etc. Easy to book appointments and send reminders via text message. I highly recommend this dentistry!
      alice dossche
      18:00 13 May 19
      This is the best dentist I’ve ever been to. It is very comfortable and they make sure you feel like you’re appreciated.
      chase brooks
      13:46 09 May 19
      Dr. Nia is always very conscious about how her patients feel and considers all options for their care. The staff is kind and accommodating as well 🙂 after many negative experiences with other dentists, I can definitely say I strongly recommend Dr. Nia.
      Rebecca Lewis
      22:04 08 May 19
      This was my first time visiting! I absolutely loved my experience. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. I feel like I am in really good hands!
      20:14 08 May 19
      Great service, and friendly and professional atmosphere!
      John Wong
      13:56 07 May 19
      Wonderful cleaning experience! Very clean office, friendly and thorough staff! Would highly recommend this group!
      Morgan Wilson
      13:14 07 May 19
      Nice and pleasant staff! Dr. Nia is an amazing dentist! I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a dentist.
      Zaki Yusuf
      12:53 07 May 19
      I cannot express enough how AMAZING the this dentistry office is... the staff always treats me so well. I have been to other dentist in Buckhead where you pay an outrageous amount of money... and for such a great service and gorgeous office I don't feel like I am paying for that, but instead I am being charged fairly for what i consider an amazing experience. Dr. Nia is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. She makes me feel at home and is very attentive .The office staff treats me as if I were family.I love coming here when I have to come in.
      Sal Denizard
      17:00 06 May 19
      Great dentist, finally got the right fit on a filling that had degraded. Super convenient location.
      Anita Kumar
      15:30 06 May 19
      I felt so welcome with the staff here! I just moved in from Charlotte and everyone was extremely friendly and helpful.
      Amanda Stewart
      14:31 06 May 19
      Staff is incredibly friendly and dental work is done very quickly and professionally
      William Anderson
      12:22 06 May 19
      The staff was warm and friendly when I walked in. The hygienist was very gentle and explained everything she was doing to my teeth. I would recommend to all of my friends to come here to get their teeth clean.
      hannah kahn
      14:31 02 May 19
      This practice is amazing!! I had a wonderful experience from the moment I walked in to the moment I left. The staff is friendly and very thorough. They’ve thought of everything - even placing TVs on the ceiling to watch during your cleaning! I highly recommend this practice!
      Laura Ambrose
      13:17 02 May 19
      I'm so happy this practiced moved close by. Best experience I've had yet! Go check it out and take care of those pearly whites!
      Lauren Stewart
      19:03 01 May 19
      Dr. Nia and her phenomenal staff make going to the dentist more like a visit to the spa! I have had several fillings corrected, and my bite has never been better. From the office setting to the cutting edge technology, Dr. Nia has thought of everything. I highly recommend Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry.
      Charlotte Smith
      20:14 30 Apr 19
      Well traveled....and this is by far the cleanest most professional office I’ve visited. Highly recommended.
      Alfredo del Portillo
      17:42 30 Apr 19
      This was the best dentist office I’ve ever been to. They are very friendly, accommodating and have the best amenities! Bose headphones! Definitely will be back!
      Olivia Clark
      15:16 30 Apr 19
      I walked in nervous about discussing my missing teeth, some of which I lost 18 years ago. Within 20 minutes I was completely at ease. Dr. Nia and her staff made sure I was comfortable from the front door to the back treatment rooms. My options were explained thoroughly, and I walked out feeling excited about smiling again!
      Joy Stringfield
      13:31 30 Apr 19
      Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry takes the dental experience and elevates in a way I honestly never thought possible. The office is stylish, and the exam rooms are extremely comfortable. Most importantly, the entire staff is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and kind. Tiffani and Dr. Nia always do a wonderful job of keeping my teeth and gums super healthy. I cannot recommend them enough. 🙂
      Daniela Scioscia
      17:56 29 Apr 19
      My first visit was an absolute delight. It may sound funny that going to the dentist for a cleaning was a delight, but from the lobby to the chair to the check out was truly amazing. This place is clean, sheek, and the entire staff was friendly. My hygenist, Tiffani Jones, was especially nice and thorough in her work. Not once was I uncomfortable or in pain. Making an appointment was easy and they text you reminders/confirmations to keep you completely up to date. Well done! I will surely be keeping BCFD as my permanent dentist office.
      Geoffrey Bell
      18:48 24 Apr 19
      It was my first time visiting the practice and everyone was great! They did a very thorough job checking and cleaning my teeth. I will definitely be back!
      Jasmine King
      17:20 24 Apr 19
      I absolutely enjoyed my dental experience here at Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry! The staff is amazing! I didn't have to take a lot of uncomfortable X ray pictures which was great. The cleaning was painless! I also loved how they went over my X rays with me to show me some problem areas. Thank you Dr. Nia, Tiffany & Alex for getting me in for a cleaning visit.
      Tay Weatherspoon
      16:26 24 Apr 19
      Being new to Atlanta, finding a dentist office was one of my top priorities. After finding Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry online and seeing all of their reviews, I was eager to set an appointment and see what it was all about. From the very moment I walked through their doors, I was welcomed with vibrant personalities and warm smiles from all of the staff. They all made sure I was comfortable in every possible way. I had my appointment procedures explained thoroughly, and Dr. Nia discussed my future plan of care with confidence and ease. The staff here make going to the dentist enjoyable, and I am so glad I found them.
      Hayden Gilley
      13:46 24 Apr 19
      Experience was wonderful! The atmosphere is welcoming & relaxing.. The hygienist was superb! She did an amazing job! I found a dental office to call home!! Great office!!
      felicia molden
      19:57 23 Apr 19
      Katlyn Keown made my visit to this office one of my best. She was professional and very charismatic. She is very friendly and an absolute pro at cleaning teeth. The office was clean and very modern with friendly staff. I usually hate going to the office but because of Katlyn I will look forward to my next visit and refer family/friends. 100 out 10 experience with this office.
      Nikolaj Kloch
      19:56 23 Apr 19
      This is a fantastic office with knowledgeable and friendly staff. They make you feel very welcome. Highly recommend!
      Wesley Link
      16:07 23 Apr 19
      Amazing first experience! Their staff welcomed me and made me feel so comfortable. Look forward to being a long term patient.
      Kate Balconi
      13:48 23 Apr 19
      Honestly I was very apprehensive of dentists until I came to Buckhead Cosmetic. Everyone was very nice and very receptive! They walked me through everything they were doing and really took the time to listen to my concerns. I would highly recommend to anyone searching for a new dentist!
      Erin Lowrance
      12:01 23 Apr 19
      The best ever!! So happy i found this place!
      Camille Spauding
      20:44 22 Apr 19
      Great staff and location with excellent service! From the time you walk in the office they make you feel at home.
      Draeshod Wells
      18:10 22 Apr 19
      The staff is so helpful and make everything comfortable and painless! Would recommend to anyone!
      Ally Kopp
      15:11 22 Apr 19
      Dr. Nia + team are so great! You’re in good hands if you come here.
      Noomi Grootens
      14:45 18 Apr 19
      I love this office! They are not only extremely professional but also very thorough. Dr. Bahar Nia examined my teeth with such detail and care. She was able to identify a few problems no other dentist had ever pointed out to me before. Thanks again! I highly recommend.
      Mark Kar
      23:21 17 Apr 19
      They are extremely professional and great with providing dental solutions. There is also phenomenal customer service.
      michael scott
      19:12 17 Apr 19
      Convenient location. Made me feel at ease and comfortable with everything they did in the office!
      Garfield Larmond
      13:30 17 Apr 19
      I was so nervous to go to the dentist after not being able to for 4 years, but I could not have been put more at ease or welcomed to Dr. Nia’s office! Hands down best experience I’ve ever had at the dentist. Thank you to all the staff!!
      Haley Privette
      13:15 17 Apr 19
      Dr. Nia and her team are incredibly nice and knowledgeable. Five star service and the most luxe dentist office I’ve been to. They made sure to make me feel comfortable, would highly recommend!
      Nadia Ahmed
      20:17 16 Apr 19
      I love my visit here. I definitely recommend this place to anyone with dentist needs
      Deontaz Gipson
      15:56 16 Apr 19
      Excellent service and great staff. Thanks!
      Eric Smith
      15:17 16 Apr 19
      Absolutely wonderful service! Would definitely recommend! 😁
      Brittany Peters
      14:11 16 Apr 19
      This was one of the best dentist experiences that I have ever had. The staff and doctor were courteous, kind, and patient with my questions. Thank you for all that you do.
      Nya Ebama
      13:06 16 Apr 19
      Dr. Nia and her staff were friendly and knowledgeable. I had a great experience and highly recommend it to anyone.
      Oscar Almanzar
      23:40 15 Apr 19
      Dr. Bahar is awesome. Very friendly and she makes going to the dentist fun! She is very patient centered and makes the experience very comfortable.
      Sarah Ball
      20:16 15 Apr 19
      Excellent service, everyone is so nice here they make you feel like home, I love these place!
      ana moran
      19:03 15 Apr 19
      Very helpful and personable team!
      Danielle LaDuron
      17:55 15 Apr 19
      I recently just switched dentists and my first visit was nothing short of great. The entire staff was super friendly and the entire appointment I was well taken care of. The office was super clean and glad I found a new home for all my teeth needs!
      Bailey Willett
      17:42 12 Apr 19
      Fantastic, clean and modern practice with lovely staff. Happy to work with a payment plan that works for you. 5 stars
      Millie Go Lightly
      17:39 11 Apr 19
      From the first encounter at the front desk to the entire staff! I feel so at home and comfortable! I moved to Atlanta from Washington, DC and I’m always nervous about the dentist because I don’t like to be in pain. When I say I was extremely pleased with my service and the professionalism of the staff! I want to say thank you so much for how I was treated and also for the services I will be receiving soon! I’m super blessed to have found this office of elite, professional and family oriented people! Please anyone looking for a place to feel comfortable and at home this is the place for you!😁☺️😊
      Ava Howard
      16:54 11 Apr 19
      Had a great experience here! Positive and friendly staff!
      Jordan Parkerson
      18:28 10 Apr 19
      I was hesitant to change from my family dentist I’ve had since I was a kid, but after a great recommendation, I’m so happy I switched! They are super friendly, and really know what they’re talking about. Couldn’t be happier with my appointment today!
      Amanda Kiza
      20:01 09 Apr 19
      Wonderful staff and top notch service!
      Andrew White
      18:14 09 Apr 19
      This is a great office! Katelyn was very nice and attentive during my visit. She took me on a tour and also walked me through what we would be doing during my appointment. Dr. Nia was also very nice and informative about my teeth. Overall great experience during my visit. Very clean office, great staff from beginning to end.
      Anaston Scott
      15:03 09 Apr 19
      Clean office and high tech equipment. Felt comfortable if I ever needed cosmetic work.
      Elisa Myers
      15:01 09 Apr 19
      This is the best dentist I’ve been to in the Atlanta area. They are very professional and care about all of their patients! I would highly recommend to everyone!
      Michelle Eddy
      14:12 09 Apr 19
      Extremely friendly staff. Even has TVs and headphones. Can’t wait to come back in 6 months!
      Greg Chickneas
      19:10 08 Apr 19
      Gorgeous location and excellent service! Very excited to have found Dr. Nia’s practice 🙂
      Alyxandra Roseman
      15:47 08 Apr 19
      Great staff made me feel very comfortable
      Hania Karam
      14:37 08 Apr 19
      Going to the dentist can be unsettling, but the hygienists at Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry made me feel comfortable! I'm glad that I was able to find such a great dentist in Atlanta! Highly recommend.
      Tatyana Johnson
      02:16 08 Apr 19
      Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry is a very professional environment with wonderful people. The staff is always looking out for the customer. They also have TVs in every room, even on the ceiling. And just to top that, they give you a headset to drown out the normal dentist noises. I highly recommend this Dentist to anyone. I always look forward to their smiling faces.
      Dustin Falkner
      21:03 04 Apr 19
      This dental office is definitely my new place. Very professional, clean, and gives thorough information. I love the modern feel and the up to date technolgy. Great experience!
      Tiffany Jeter
      20:10 04 Apr 19
      I became a new patient today and I couldn't have been happier. The environment is welcoming, the staff is super friendly and was impressed with the time and attention everyone took to welcome me.
      Brett Hill
      17:01 04 Apr 19
      Dr. Nia explained everything very well. The staff is really friendly. The office is very clean. I will definitely be going back !
      Katlin Pettyjohn
      15:22 03 Apr 19
      Wonderful team !!! All of the staff were kind and professional. The office is fabulously designed and everything was easy.
      Ty Williams
      20:19 02 Apr 19
      I only trust Them with my teeth.They are fabulous!
      Caffrey Francis
      20:08 02 Apr 19
      First let me start by saying Dr.Nia has a beautiful office. The hygienist Diane was wonderful she was very informative, patient, just a wonderful spirit. I can’t wait for my next visit! It’s worth the drive!!!
      Kesha Bass
      15:53 02 Apr 19
      most thorough cleaning I've ever had! Excellent communication about what was a priority (with an estimate) and what could wait (with an estimate). Highly recommend!
      Joan Randle
      02:34 02 Apr 19
      I looooveeeee my new office family!!! They are patient, kind, and educate you on everything!!! Love it here!!
      karianna smith
      15:05 01 Apr 19
      It was an amazing experience! The entire staff was very generous. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a dentist.
      Johnny Martinez
      20:26 28 Mar 19
      Very clean and professional! Love the staff and Dr. Nia
      Elizabeth (Beth) Oakley
      16:07 28 Mar 19
      This practice is amazing! So impressed with everyone/thing about this office. Dr. Nia and her team are all so sweet and detail-oriented. Cannot wait to recommend to everyone I know.
      Amy Mallen
      20:58 27 Mar 19
      Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. They make going to the dentist not a bad experience.
      Jason Carroll
      20:26 27 Mar 19
      My Experience @ BuckHead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, was excellent!!! Great team of professionals making sure that you are well taken care of, of what's important like your smile... I will recommend any & everyone to attend here, if you are serious about the health of your gums, teeth & your smile...
      Antonio Raymond
      15:51 27 Mar 19
      Very professional and time efficient. Love this place!
      Dyquanisha Bryant
      13:50 27 Mar 19
      Fantastic service and friendly staff! Very professional, clean facility, hi-tech equipment. Thank you!
      Nick Cross
      15:07 26 Mar 19
      I had been researching for a new dentist in my area and I am so glad I found Dr. Bahar Nia. Dr. Nia, along with her staff, were extremely professional. Dr. Nia was extremely informative and took the time to explain everything to me and I never felt rushed. I felt extremely comfortable and Dr Nia provided an honest opinion about future work.
      Kasey Webb
      13:48 26 Mar 19
      The team at Buckhead cosmetic and family dentistry are very knowledgeable. They are thorough and their in depth cleaning is surprisingly gentle. I highly recommend their services.
      Joseph Dennis Jr
      23:48 25 Mar 19
      Dr Nia and her team are wonderful—knowledgeable and helpful! Every time I visit the dentist, I get all my questions answered and know I am getting great service.
      Julia Benson
      20:14 25 Mar 19
      My first time to a dentist in years and they were amazing. The staff was super friendly and took great care of me and my teeth. An hour went by and I didn’t even feel like I was at the dentist. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.
      Katharine Benton
      19:34 25 Mar 19
      I loved my first visit today! Everyone from Amanda to my dental hygienist Katlyn and of course Dr. Nia were amazing! I highly recommend Buckhead Cosmetic and family dentistry! I will be back! I really appreciate how friendly and professional everyone is. I felt so comfortable!
      amber baca
      18:52 25 Mar 19