If you are dealing with this firsthand, know that your situation is not hopeless. With minimal prep dental veneers, you will get a smile makeover that will boost your morale and revitalize your youthful appearance.

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What Are Minimal Prep Veneers?

Minimal prep veneers are dental veneer that is used to address concerns related to discolored, uneven, and worn-down teeth. Made as an alternate option to traditional veneers, they are created with composite or porcelain material that is bonded on the top of your teeth to give you a gorgeous and natural-looking smile.

How They Differ from No-Prep Veneers

Much like no-prep veneers, minimal-prep dental veneers do not require the removal of tooth enamel required with traditional veneers. However, under some circumstances, they may require additional preparation or tooth reshaping beyond what is needed for no-prep veneers.

While the process of getting minimal prep veneers is identical to no-prep veneers, they are the better treatment option for you if you suffer from darker stains or more advanced cosmetic issues that no-prep veneers are unable to correct.

The Benefits of Minimal Prep Veneers

There are many advantages to getting minimal-prep veneers. Much like no-prep veneers, you will not experience sensitivity after your procedure or need drilling or sedation as you do with traditional veneers. Known for their strength and durability, they are estimated to last up to ten years with routine care. And since they are made to mimic your natural tooth enamel, they will be crafted to match every detail of your natural teeth so that your smile is customized just for you.

Creating Your Dental Veneers

Once you’re approved to receive minimal-prep veneers, we work to sculpt them to meet your exact specifications. We consider several factors including shade, size, shape, and facial structure to ensure they are built to perfection in her lab. We will also consult with you about any concerns you have so that we can choose the best material to meet your specific needs. Best sure to mention if you have a history of bite issues, teeth grinding, alignment issues and any other factors to consider during your appointment.

Minimal Prep Dental Veneers Atlanta

After Your Dental Veneers Procedure

Since the process of getting your minimal prep veneers is simple and non-invasive, you will be able to work directly after your procedure or the following day. While you should have little to no post-operative pain or discomfort, we advise you to take an over-the-counter medication like Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen to manage any issues you may experience.

Once your veneers have been bonded, you will be able to enjoy your favorite foods immediately. However, we advise you not to engage in biting behaviors that could have an adverse effect on your new veneers including nail-biting, chewing on pencils, and so on.

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