Centralized Office Air Purifiers

Air purification for removing all viruses, bacteria, and other germs

Dental Aerosol Filtration System

Collects all aerosol & saliva during dental treatment & preventing their spread

Touch Free Sterilization Center

All glass Stericenter that houses all cleansers and sterilizers

Ultrasonic Instrument Cleaner & Sterilizer

The ultrasonic instrument cleaner gets rid of debris build ups on the instruments prior to the next cleansing step

Dental Instrument Dryer

Drying instruments remove corrosion of instrument and improves the level of cleanliness

Dental Instrument Autoclave Sterilizer

Use the power of steam to kill bacteria, spores, and germs resistant to boiling water and powerful detergents

Dental Instrument Statim Sterilizer

Uses steam to kill bacteria, spores, germs and other pathogens resistant to other modes

Auto touch free hand sanitizing stations

We have installed touch free hand sanitation stations all throughout the office

Dryshield Mouthpiece Isolation

Combining high volume suction, mouth guard & throat cover to prevent saliva spread

Dentapure Water purification system

A purification system for the dental water with a built in anti-microbial effect

Dental Air Compressor & Vacuum Filtration system

Removing impurities such as bacteria with compressed air

Waterline Shock& Maintenance system

A system to force down the water in all the dental water lines preventing any bacterial growth

Mercury Filtration System

Safely traps all silver filling particles in a closed system for safe removal

Optim 1 Medical Disinfectant for ALL office Surfaces

Our version of dental Clorox wipes on steroids, getting rid of all pathogens such as COVID-19, HIV, TB, Hepatitis B, Hepatices C, Influenza Virus and many more

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Disposable N95 masks
  • Disposable Surgical face masks
  • Disposable Surgical head wrap/caps
  • Disposable Surgical Shoe cover
  • Disposable surgical full-length gown
  • Disposable Nitryl & Latex Free gloves
  • Disposable leak-proof large patient bib/napkin
  • Eye protection glasses for patients and the Buckhead team
  • Face Shields

Disposable covers for all dental equipment & touch surfaces

We cover all handles of the equipment, and instruments changed for each patient

Disposable Barrier for all touch surfaces and stationery at the office

We put disposable barrier tapes on all surfaces such cabinet doors, handles & etc.

Autoclaved packed dental instruments

We sterilize all our dental instruments packed disposable bags in the sterilizers


A 3D Mouthpiece to cover both arches to prevent Aerosol spread and saliva splatter

High Volume Evacuator

The high-volume saliva suction during dental treatment

Autoclave / Statim weekly Spore testing

We test our sterilizers weekly to make sure they are squeaky clean and bacteria free

Ultrasonic Cleanser Enzyme tablets

We use these tablets daily to make sure there are no germs accumulating in the sterilizers