Patient Safety

Our COVID-19 Proof Safety Protocols to keep you and us safe at every appointment.


  • Centralized Office Air Purifiers

    Air purification for removing all viruses, bacteria, and other germs

  • Dental Aerosol Filtration System

    Collects all aerosol & saliva during dental treatment & preventing their spread

  • Touch Free Sterilization Center

    All glass Stericenter that houses all cleansers and sterilizers

  • Ultrasonic Instrument Cleaner & Sterilizer

    The ultrasonic instrument cleaner gets rid of debris build ups on the instruments prior to the next cleansing step

  • Dental Instrument Dryer

    Drying instruments remove corrosion of instrument and improves the level of cleanliness

  • Dental Instrument Autoclave Sterilizer

    Use the power of steam to kill bacteria, spores, and germs resistant to boiling water and powerful detergents

  • Dental Instrument Statim Sterilizer

    Uses steam to kill bacteria, spores, germs and other pathogens resistant to other modes

  • Auto touch free hand sanitizing stations

    We have installed touch free hand sanitation stations all throughout the office

  • Dryshield Mouthpiece Isolation

    Combining high volume suction, mouth guard & throat cover to prevent saliva spread

  • Dentapure Water purification system

    A purification system for the dental water with a built in anti-microbial effect

  • Dental Air Compressor & Vacuum Filtration system

    Removing impurities such as bacteria with compressed air

  • Waterline Shock& Maintenance system

    A system to force down the water in all the dental water lines preventing any bacterial growth

  • Mercury Filtration System

    Safely traps all silver filling particles in a closed system for safe removal

  • Optim 1 Medical Disinfectant for ALL office Surfaces

    Our version of dental Clorox wipes on steroids, getting rid of all pathogens such as COVID-19, HIV, TB, Hepatitis B, Hepatices C, Influenza Virus and many more

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    – Disposable N95 masks
    – Disposable Surgical face masks
    – Disposable Surgical head wrap/caps
    – Disposable Surgical Shoe cover
    – Disposable surgical full-length gown
    – Disposable Nitryl & Latex Free gloves
    – Disposable leak-proof large patient bib/napkin
    – Eye protection glasses for patients and the Buckhead team
    – Face Shields

  • Disposable covers for all dental equipment & touch surfaces

    We cover all handles of the equipment, and instruments changed for each patient

  • Disposable Barrier for all touch surfaces and stationery at the office

    We put disposable barrier tapes on all surfaces such cabinet doors, handles & etc.

  • Autoclaved packed dental instruments

    We sterilize all our dental instruments packed disposable bags in the sterilizers

  • Opturadam

    A 3D Mouthpiece to cover both arches to prevent Aerosol spread and saliva splatter

  • High Volume Evacuator

    The high-volume saliva suction during dental treatment

  • Autoclave / Statim weekly Spore testing

    We test our sterilizers weekly to make sure they are squeaky clean and bacteria free

  • Ultrasonic Cleanser Enzyme tablets

    We use these tablets daily to make sure there are no germs accumulating in the sterilizers