How CBCTs are Used in Root Canal Therapy

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When decay from a cavity goes untreated, it can travel deeper into the pulp of the tooth infecting its nerves and causing severe pain that can greatly impact your daily life. If this is happening to you, don’t go another day suffering in silence. At Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, our endodontist is available to immediately alleviate your pain through root canal therapy so you can get back to enjoying your life pain-free and with a beautiful, healthy smile.

If you’re suffering from the following symptoms, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry to see if you need root canal therapy:

  • Severe tooth pain
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold
  • Bumps on your gums
  • Swollen or tender gums
  • Darkened gums
  • Chipped or cracked teeth
  • A growing abscess

Using our powerful CBCT 3D imagery, we can get an in depth look at the anatomy of your tooth to detect any issues so we can provide the treatment you need to start feeling like yourself again.

What Are CBCTs?

CBCTs are specialized machines that utilize innovative computed tomography technology to provide the endodontist with comprehensive, three-dimensional views of your bone structure, soft tissues, and blood vessels. These multiplanar, panoramic images of your teeth are completely anatomically correct, allowing the endodontist to detect adverse dental issues with an unparalleled level of accuracy that is not possible with two-dimensional technology.

What are the Advantages of Using CBCTs for Root Canal Therapy?

There are many benefits of using CBCTs to diagnose a root canal. CBCTs have a focused cranial cone x-ray beam that minimizes scatter radiation to produce an extremely clear image quality that cannot be achieved with traditional x-rays. And since a single scan can capture several angles and views at once, it allows the endodontist to provide you with an extensive evaluation and precise treatment plan to ensure you receive the care you need to give you the radiant and healthy smile you deserve.

How are CBCTs used for a Root Canal?

When you come in for your consultation at Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we will review your medical history and perform a routine examination of your mouth and teeth. Upon inspection, if we believe you may be experiencing issues related to a root canal, we will use our state-of-the-art CBCT machine to capture images of the affected tooth to provide you with an accurate diagnosis.

Once the scanning process is complete, we will examine the images produced by the CBCT machine. Our endodontist will then review the canal of the tooth, as well as the soft tissues surrounding the root to determine its condition. If he believes that the pulp of the tooth can be recovered, he will advise you to undergo a root canal/nerve therapy procedure and schedule you for a second appointment. However, if the tooth is dead, the best recommendation is removing and replacing it with a natural and durable dental implant.

Root Canal and Nerve Therapy with Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

At Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, our onsite endodontist is here to help alleviate your suffering from tooth pain and give you a brighter, healthier smile. Your health should always come first in life, so the moment you feel something isn’t right and the pain in your mouth is getting in the way of your daily routine, it’s time to get the treatment you need.

To schedule a consultation and see if root canal and nerve therapy is right for you, contact us today at 404-400-0400.