Buckhead Dentist: Signs You Need a Root Canal Procedure

Your teeth are made up of several layers designed for different purposes. Past the hard enamel that you see when you look in the mirror lies the innermost layer of the tooth called the pulp. This layer contains the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels. The pulp is alive, so once decay-producing bacteria reach this inner layer, the pulp becomes inflamed causing you great pain and discomfort. This is where a root canal procedure from your Buckhead dentist can save you from the extreme pain while giving you the oral health you need to live your life comfortably.

At Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Dr. Bahar Nia, a top-rated dentist in Buckhead, Atlanta, welcomes a new talented endodontist, with a specialty in root canals, to her award-winning team. Using a very precise microscope with 16 folds of magnification, you can find the relief you need with stellar precision to give you a root canal procedure that eliminates your pain and brings health back to your beautiful smile.

Ask a Buckhead Dentist: What is a Root Canal?

A root canal, also known as endodontic treatment, is a procedure that removes the damaged pulp before safely cleaning, filling and sealing the tooth for optimal health. A tooth’s pulp can become infected due to decay, repeated procedures on a tooth, large fillings, severe grinding, or a crack or chip in the tooth. During a root canal procedure at Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, the endodontist will use the latest high-tech microscope and equipment to ensure that the damaged nerve and pulp of the tooth are removed, and the interior is cleaned and sealed to give you a pain-free and beautiful smile.

Signs You May Need a Root Canal Procedure

When the pulp of your tooth becomes inflamed, you can experience a lot of pain. No one should ever have to deal with the pain caused by decay hitting the inside of your tooth. If this happens, it’s important that you contact a top-rated Buckhead dentist right away. At Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, Dr. Nia can help you find relief and give you back your gorgeous healthy smile.

Signs you may need a root canal include:

  • Severe toothache when chewing or applying pressure
  • Discoloration/darkening of the tooth
  • Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures
  • Swelling and tenderness in the gums

In some cases, at the last stages of inflammation, you may find a drainage bump on your gums called a fistula. The fistula is your body’s way of trying to relieve the pain and inflammation by pushing the infection out of the gum line.

For some people, there may not be any symptoms at all—at least not until they are hit with severe pain. To make sure that you catch tooth decay before it enters the pulp or spreads throughout the pulp even further, schedule regular appointments at Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry so Dr. Nia and her team can help keep your teeth as pain-free and healthy as possible.

Contact a Buckhead Dentist for Immediate Pain Relief

You should never have to live with severe pain inside your tooth. With Dr. Nia’s new endodontist joining the team, you can expect the very best care and precision when it comes to root canals in Buckhead and the surrounding areas. At Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, you receive the care and relief you need quickly with a root canal that leaves your tooth healthy, pain-free, and beautiful.

Dr. Bahar Nia and her talented staff at Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry can help give you that healthy gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted. Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry provides root canals, cosmetic dental services, and full smile makeovers to many patients including influential celebrities in Atlanta and out of town.

If you have one or more teeth causing you pain or holding you back from showing off your cheerful smile, now is the time to make a change to a more confident you!

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