6 Signs You Should Visit an Emergency Dental Clinic

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Signs When you should visit an Emergency Dental Clinic

One in six Americans will experience a dental emergency in the next year. Of that group, 67 percent will immediately go to the dentist, 14 percent will look for a temporary solution, and 19 percent will, unfortunately, do nothing. Ignoring dental emergencies or coming up with do-it-yourself fixes usually makes dental emergencies worse, risking your oral health and ending up being more costly than fixing the problem outright. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, here are six signs you should visit an emergency dental clinic.

1. Bleeding Gums

Actively bleeding gums indicate an infection or disease is present. If not treated in a timely manner, gum disease will become painful and may lead to tooth loss. If you have actively bleeding gums, especially after having a tooth extraction, call your dentist’s emergency line or head over to an emergency dental clinic.


2. Persistent Toothache

A toothache is a nagging pain in or around the tooth. Any number of factors can cause a toothache, including tooth decay, abscessed tooth, tooth crack or fracture, infected gums, and damaged fillings. If your toothaches last longer than one or two days or have an accompanying fever, earache, or severe pain in the tooth, see a dentist as soon as possible.


3. Lost Fillings, Crowns, and Bondings

If dental fillings, crowns, or bondings fall off, also see a dentist as soon as possible. It can be tempting to put the crown, filling, or bonding back into the tooth, but without a visit to the dentist, this can lead to severe complications including infections. Eventually, you may even need a tooth extraction. A dentist will redo the procedure correctly, protecting your teeth for years to come.


4. Cracks

Cracks in teeth are serious. They cause major pain, increase tooth sensitivity to hot and cold, and leave the tooth open to infection. If you feel you have a cracked tooth, it’s important to see a dentist immediately. Waiting may cause the crack to spread, a factor that can be the difference between saving the tooth and needing it extracted.


5. Chips

Tooth chips are unsightly but they’re more than a cosmetic issue. The now jagged edge of a chipped tooth may hurt your cheeks, gums, and tongue. Chipped teeth may also have hairline cracks, which open the tooth to the possibility of infection. While a chipped tooth may not necessarily be an emergency, waiting to fix it can increase the likelihood of further deterioration caused by unseen damage, so you should see a dentist.


6. Tooth Loss

If you lose a permanent tooth, you should immediately visit a dentist. There is a good chance of saving the tooth if treated in time. Additionally, the dentist will look for any other issues related to tooth loss, including trauma to the gum tissues and dental nerves. As soon as you lose a tooth, call an emergency dental clinic for information about how to handle the tooth and to schedule an immediate appointment.


Never ignore dental problems, especially any of the previously mentioned accidents and issues. If you’re dealing with a dental emergency, contact us today. At Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, we are an emergency dental clinic you can trust. We take your oral health seriously and promise to give you the care you deserve. Call us at 404-400-0400.