Porcelain Dental Veneers Vs. Teeth Whitening 

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There is no greater confidence boost than having a bright and beautiful smile. As our teeth age, it is common for them to stain and discolor over time. At Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, Dr. Bahar Nia utilizes her innovative technology and individualized care to put the sparkle back in your smile by offering services, including porcelain dental veneers and teeth whitening.

While both procedures are great solutions to restore your smile, each service is different, so it is important to know the pros and cons of porcelain dental veneers and teeth whitening to decide which is best for you.

Teeth Whitening Vs Porcelain Veneers

It’s true that both treatment options aim to improve the way your smile looks; however, teeth whitening will only deliver results in making your teeth as bright and white as you want them to be. Porcelain veneers, however, are not just about changing your teeth’ color.

The treatment can help change the shape, length, and overall appearance of your smile by closing off small gaps between teeth. Certainly, veneers can be significantly more expensive than in-office teeth whitening but will deliver a much greater range of solutions for patients who feel there’s room for improvement in their smiles.

What Are Porcelain Dental Veneers?

Porcelain dental veneers are thin pieces we can make with porcelain or other composites that are custom-designed to fit over your existing teeth. Dr. Nia and her award-winning team of certified technicians create layers of porcelain and individually craft each piece to match the natural color and tooth shape of each patient, thus ensuring that each patient leaves the office having achieved their desired results.

We will make sure to bond each dental veneer to each tooth and guarantee their strength and longevity.

Conditions for Porcelain Dental Veneers

The team at Buckhead Family & Cosmetic Dentistry recommends you get porcelain dental veneers as an option whenever you face the following situations:

  • Chipped teeth;
  • Discolored teeth;
  • Misshapen teeth;
  • Dental misalignment;
  • Gaps between teeth;
  • Teeth that have been worn down over time.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Porcelain Dental Veneers?

Porcelain dental veneers are the ideal option for correcting dull, discolored teeth because the porcelain is applied with a strong, stain-resistant coating that provides a pearly smile and enhances facial features to make you look and feel younger. Once porcelain dental veneers are applied through Dr. Nia’s easy and pain-free process, you can expect them to last for 10-20 years with proper care.

It is important to note that while porcelain dental veneers are a great option to prevent future staining, the application process may require a minor procedure that removes a bit of the enamel layer of your teeth before we bond the veneers.

Overall, porcelain veneers are a near-permanent solution for patients looking to improve their smiles and have few drawbacks, if any at all. Make sure you consult with our team to learn more about the process.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Many patients arrive at our practice in Atlanta wondering about teeth whitening. This is the process where we apply some active agents, including hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide, to the teeth. Dr. Nia creates this customized mixture based on tooth shade, discoloration, and dental history. The good thing about in-office teeth whitening treatments is that you can remain under observation and receive just the amount required to ensure all goes well.

These ingredients work to break down decay and debris on the teeth, causing stains to become less concentrated. This ensures the return of a gorgeous white smile.

Another option to consider is laser teeth whitening. As you may know by now, using innovative technology is one of the pillars that define our philosophy of delivering high-quality care to our patients. Dr. Nia uses a precise laser to activate the chemical reaction in the whitening material and break down stains fully. This ultra-violet light allows the effectiveness and speed of whitening to improve significantly and give you a better result.

Not all teeth work well with laser whitening, so you should get in touch with our office and discuss your options with Dr. Nia during your initial consultation.

Teeth whitening is an effective cosmetic treatment.

Conditions for Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a good option to address issues of yellow and brown staining or worn enamel caused by:

  • Tobacco use;
  • Acidic/sugary foods and drinks;
  • Side effects of medication.

Feel free to get in touch with our office and consult if teeth whitening is a good option for you.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a great option for color enhancement as it can brighten teeth by up to eight shades. It is also a quick service that we can easily complete within a single session lasting an afternoon.

However, teeth whitening is not a long-lasting solution like porcelain dental veneers because the staining process begins again as soon as the procedure ends.

Any patient who wishes to maintain the results they obtain through teeth whitening will require help from a specialized at-home kit and strict following of an efficient oral hygiene routine. Likewise, you will have to review your results and potentially repeat the treatment after six months.

In the long run, constantly whitening your teeth can increase treatment costs and make your teeth and periodontal tissues very sensitive to heat and cold.

Similarly, teeth whitening won’t be able to fix certain discoloration issues, including those caused by dead nerves, trauma, tetracycline staining, and congenital issues, so it may not be the best solution for everyone.

Teeth whitening is a fast and affordable solution, but it may not be the best in the long run.

Can You Whiten Dental Veneers?

The short answer is no. You can’t really whiten dental veneers with the same products you can use for teeth. Usually, people should use teeth whitening products before having their dental veneers installed to avoid any disparities or an uneven appearance in their smile once they get the cosmetic dentistry treatment.

If you were to use any teeth whitening products, such as gels or whitening strips, the agents would continue to act over your natural teeth, but they won’t change anything of the dental veneers you have on.

You should get in touch with Dr. Bahar Nia to learn more about your options before and after getting dental veneers installed over your teeth. Ultimately, it’s all about a beautiful smile and how to ensure you get the best results.

How to Choose the Right Shade for Your Dental Veneers?

You’ll have the help of professionals to help you choose the right shade of your dental veneers. After all, you’re here to improve the way your smile looks, right? Please consider some of the following factors when choosing what option fits your circumstances best.

  • Shade of White. Usually, patients will think of a much more white option than how their teeth look currently. However, you should be careful not to overdo it and select one that looks unnatural. Try to look at the white of your eyes and use that same shade to gauge your choice of veneers.
  • Translucency. As a quality that determines how much light reflects off your dental braces, you might want something that’s more opaque to imitate the look of your enamel.
  • Facial Characteristics. Consider the shape, skin tone, size of your smile, age, and other facial features to choose a shade and size of dental veneers that look harmonious along the rest of your face.

Choose the right shade for your dental veneers

Getting Help With Atlanta Cosmetic Dentistry

With dental veneers and teeth whitening, it is possible to get the smile of your dreams.

Dr. Bahar Nia’s award-winning Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted at a truly exceptional family-owned practice.

Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry provides smile makeovers to many patients, including influential celebrities from Atlanta and out of town. With Dr. Nia’s extensive knowledge in cosmetic dentistry and great attention to detail, you’ll get a perfect, customized white smile just for you.

Don’t wait for life to pass you by if you find displeasure in your smile. Start the journey to a better, more confident you. Contact Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry today!