Cosmetic Dentistry in Atlanta Can Help You Restore Facial Profile Loss

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If you experience the loss of one or several teeth because of injury, decay, disease or an accident, it does more than affect your smile and confidence. It can also create issues of degeneration and misalignment that can wreak havoc on your bone density, leading to a concave facial appearance that will age you beyond your years. However, with the help of cosmetic dentistry in Atlanta, you can restore facial profile loss to get back your youthful looks and feel like your best self again.

At Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, Dr. Bahar Nia has made it her mission to provide you with unmatched excellence in care and first-class services to rehabilitate your smile and self-esteem. That is why when you visit her office, you can feel positive knowing you are in the hands of the best cosmetic dentist in Atlanta.

How Your Teeth Help Maintain Your Facial Profile

As any cosmetic dentist in Atlanta, GA will tell you, your bone and jaw masses are living tissues that must receive regular stimulation to maintain their health and function. Several times throughout the day, your upper and lower teeth make contact together, which keeps the disintegration and reintegration of the bone tissue balanced so it can maintain its density. However, when you lose one or several teeth, this process breaks down and creates facial profile loss.

How Missing Teeth Cause Facial Profile Loss

When you lose teeth, the bones that support them are deeply affected by their absence because they miss the stimulation they need for the tissues to regenerate, leading them to decrease in size and strength. The longer this degeneration continues, it causes your lips and cheeks to appear more sunken in, giving you an older look that exceeds your real age.

According to cosmetic dentists in Atlanta, GA, when one of your teeth goes missing, the remaining teeth will attempt to shift to fill in the gap. This drifting is known as misalignment and can cause a deeper bite that will compress your face and make it appear shorter, which can also cause an aged look.

If you are in a situation where you are missing the entire top or bottom rows of your teeth, the potential to experience facial profile loss is even greater because the bone tissue surrounding the missing teeth becomes absorbed. This causes a variety of superficial concerns including jowls, turkey neck, sunken cheeks and a hallow look that can completely transform your appearance and make you look unrecognizable to yourself.

How Cosmetic Dentistry in Atlanta Can Help Restore Facial Profile Loss

Cosmetic Dentistry in Atlanta can help you address issues of facial profile loss. If one or several teeth are absent, dental implants will bring the missing stimulation back into your jawbone. Bonded with a titanium screw, these implants are made to mimic the root of your natural tooth. As they work to regenerate and strengthen your tissues, they will reverse facial profile loss to restore the balance and symmetry back into your face, leaving you with a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.

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