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Having a healthy and beautiful smile is key to boosting your morale, building your confidence, and projecting your best self to the world around you. And if you need to seek treatment because of damaged or decayed teeth, you want to do more than just work with a good dentist. You want to have your treatment performed in an environment that promotes tranquility and puts you at ease for your procedure. When you work with Dr. Bahar Nia, you will receive premium cosmetic dental solutions from the best celebrity dentist in Atlanta GA that is guaranteed to restore your oral health and make you feel like a star.

At Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on creating calming surroundings to make you look forward to your visits. When you come in for your appointments, you are not walking into any old dental office. You are entering a serene sanctuary where you can rest assured knowing that you are seeing the best cosmetic dentist in Atlanta GA.

Why Choose Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry

Dr. Nia has made it her mission to provide you with five-star experiences by tailoring her care to meet your individualized needs. By establishing a relationship with you that is built on trust, you will feel like family and want to keep coming back again and again.

Holistic and High-Quality Services

One of the reasons Dr. Nia has earned her esteemed reputation as the greatest celebrity cosmetic dentist in Atlanta GA is because of the high-quality services she provides. Believing in a holistic approach, Dr. Nia will spend time reviewing your past dental experiences, medical history, and attitude toward dental care to ensure that you feel heard and understood throughout your appointment. This not only allows her to give you the exceptional service you deserve but also ensures your total comfort with your treatment plan.

Creating a Calming Environment

Along with providing effective dental solutions, Dr. Bahar Nia also prioritizes creating a relaxing environment in her office so that you feel at ease from the moment you walk into the practice until the moment you leave. Akin to entering an upscale resort, you will be welcomed by the warm and friendly staff that will give you the beverage of your choice to help you unwind during your short wait.

Before your procedure, Dr. Bahar Nia will offer you a local anesthetic to relieve the tension from any pre-surgery jitters you may feel. She will also provide you with wireless Bose noise-canceling headphones to wear to drown out any uncomfortable sounds. You can also watch one of the HD televisions staged for your convenient viewing to take your mind off your procedure. And with hydraulic luxury dental chairs, you are sure to feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Excellence in Care

Dr. Nia has received endless accolades and awards for the excellence in care, skills, and leadership she has shown throughout her career. Along with being awarded the prestigious Atlanta Top Dentist and Top Dentist titles for several consecutive years in a row, she has also been featured in many acclaimed publications including Atlantan, Modern Luxury Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, and Atlanta Parent Magazine. This has not only cemented her status as the best celebrity cosmetic dentist in Atlanta GA but has also made her the premier dentist for many of the city’s biggest celebrities, as well as those that visit from Tinseltown and the Big Apple.

Work with the Greatest Celebrity Dentist in Atlanta GA for Terrific Treatment Solutions

Dr. Nia understands the crucial role that your smile plays in shaping your self-image and enhancing your emotional well-being. As a result, she works to not only provide you with effective treatment solutions, but she aims to do it in a supreme spa-like setting. When you leave Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, you will leave feeling refreshed with a red carpet-ready smile.

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Dr. Nia uses the latest trends in cosmetic dentistry and innovative technology to transform the perception of the dental industry one smile at a time.