Cosmetic Dentist Insight: How Icon White Spot Treatment Works in Atlanta

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When you have a stunning smile, it makes you feel like you are at your best and you project that confidence as your move through your life. However, if you suffer from white spot lesions on your teeth, it can make you feel dissatisfied with your appearance and take a toll on your morale. And while it may seem hopeless, there is a treatment that can help. With Icon white spot treatment, you can remove those patches and get a shimmering smile you will not be able to stop showing off.

At Buckhead Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, Atlanta cosmetic dentist Dr. Bahar Nia takes a wholesome approach to her care. Understanding the ways a gorgeous grin can positively impact your sense of self and well-being, she will do so much more than restore your smile. She will give you a new lease on life that will improve your overall outlook.

What are White Spot Lesions?

According to cosmetic dentists in Atlanta, GA, while spot lesions occur when highly concentrated portions of mineralization disrupt your teeth’s natural regenerative process, leading to splotches and discoloration. Since beneficial minerals are unable to access the tooth’s enamel because of these decayed patches, it can be difficult to eliminate white spot lesions unless you receive the right cosmetic dentistry treatment.

What is Icon White Spot Treatment?

Icon white spot treatment is an innovative restorative treatment that easily removes blemishes from your teeth. Whether your white spot lesions are a result of trauma, poor oral hygiene, fluorosis, or demineralization, this provides the perfect solution to painlessly erasing unsightly patches so you can smile with assurance once again.

The Benefits of Icon White Spot Treatment

Atlanta cosmetic dentists favor Icon white spot treatment because of its many advantages. Treating white spot lesions previously involved intensive drilling and needles. However, this solution is non-invasive and can be complete in a single afternoon, so it is incredibly convenient. Also, it is a much more cost-effective treatment as compared to others like porcelain veneers. And with results that last up to five years before needing to be retouched, it has never been easier to enjoy a sparkling white smile.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Since white spot lesions are so heavily concentrated and demineralized, Dr. Nia uses her patented micro-abrasion technique to break them up. Doing this gives her to access the tubules of your teeth so she can apply a special etching material to the affected areas. This allows the resin that is used for color correction to properly soak into your teeth. Once the resin seeps into the white spot lesions, it bonds with the tooth’s structure.

After the resin has had the appropriate time to set, Dr. Nia will remove any excess material before using game-changing ultraviolet light technology to harden it to your teeth. Then, she will polish them to complete the treatment so that you can enjoy a balanced and beautiful new smile.

Use Icon White Spot Treatment to Rejuvenate Your Appearance

As the premier Atlanta cosmetic dentist, Dr. Nia will use her advanced technology and comprehensive care to provide you with smile solutions that are tailored specifically for you. So, when you leave her office, you are guaranteed to leave with a renewed confidence that will expand your hopes for your future.

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