Why You May Need Dental Implants

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We all know how important a full gorgeous smile is. We use our mouth to eat, drink, speak, but we also use it to express joy and draw attention to ourselves. And the more confident we feel about our smile, the more we feel we can achieve in this world. If you’re missing teeth, and don’t have your full self-esteem, dental implants can help restore your confidence and get you back on your full two feet again.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is essentially a permanent solution to a missing tooth. It consists of a small metal post that ossifies to your jawbone and then gets topped by a crown. There are several situations where you may need dental implants. Here is a look at just a few of them.

When do You Need Dental Implants?

You Have Lost a Tooth in a Prominent Spot

Car accidents, sports injuries, and other types of trauma may cause you to lose a tooth, and if you lose a tooth in a prominent spot of your mouth, you may need to consider dental implants. Because it’s permanently anchored to your jawbone, a dental implant creates a perfectly natural look that blends in with the rest of your teeth.

You Don’t Want to Affect Nearby Teeth

Additionally, a dental implant doesn’t affect nearby teeth. In contrast, if you opt for a bridge, this prosthetic usually gets anchored by applying crowns to the teeth surrounding the gap. To put in the crowns, your dentist may need to shave down some of the existing teeth.

You Are Missing Several Teeth

You can also use dental implants to replace more than one missing tooth. Generally, with this type of implant, there is an implant on both ends of the area missing the teeth. Then, a bridge stretches between the implants. With these types of implants, you don’t have to worry about taking dentures in or out and potentially losing them.

You Want a Long-Lasting Solution

Compared to other dental prosthetics, a dental implant lasts for a significantly longer period. For the most part, the metal post of the implant should last your entire life. The crown can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years depending on your oral care habits. In contrast, dentures need to be replaced every five to eight years.

You Want to Protect the Integrity of Your Jawbone

Unfortunately, when you lose teeth, your jawbone starts to lose some of its integrity. To break it down very simply, when the jawbone isn’t holding the roots of your teeth, it assumes it has no function, and it starts to deteriorate. Overtime, people with no teeth can lose a significant part of this bone, and their mouths start to appear sunken in. Implants help to prevent that process because they simulate the role of roots in your jawbone.

You Want More Comfortable Dentures

A tooth implant isn’t the only type of implant. You can also use implants to make dentures fit more comfortably. Also called snap-on dentures, this refers to small implants that go into your jawbone. A small bit of metal protrudes over the gum line, and then, your dentures snap on to those metal bits. This setup eliminates loose dentures and means you don’t have to worry about denture cream.

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