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A beautiful smile builds confidence and is one of the first things people notice upon meeting you. Losing a tooth due to decay, gum disease or an accident is a traumatic experience that reduces self-confidence and creates discomfort when going about your daily activities. If this happens to you, don’t waste time hiding your smile or suffering painfully through your meals. With dental implants at Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry and Buckhead Implant Center, Dr. Bahar Nia provides a practical and permanent solution to give you the beautiful smile you deserve.

Sometimes, tooth decay can be so extreme, you need an entirely new set of teeth. Rather than deal with cumbersome dentures, teeth in a day is a remarkable solution that takes 4-6 dental implants and replaces the entire top or bottom row of teeth using exceptional dental implant technology.

With more than 35 million Americans missing all of their upper and/or lower teeth, rather than live with the discomfort, patients are turning to teeth in a day to give them the beauty and comfort of the missing teeth they long for. With teeth in a day, you can walk into Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry and Buckhead Implant Center in the morning and leave later that same day with a beautiful healthy new smile.

What are Dental Implants?

To understand how teeth in a day works, it’s important to know the process of tooth implants.

Dental implants are the standard care of a tooth replacement. All of our natural teeth have the top portion that we see in the mouth called the “tooth crown” and the part under the gum tissue and in the jaw bone called the “tooth root”.

Dental implants are biocompatible titanium screws replacing the root of the tooth under the gums and in the jaw bone. After placing the implant we can then place a crown on top of it for the patients so they have a permanent tooth to chew on and smile with.

A dental implant is essentially a durable titanium screw that mimics the natural root of your tooth. For more than half a century, orthopedic surgeons used titanium screws for joint reconstruction and bone fracture repairs, which in turn inspired their use by dentists. When you receive your dental implant, it will look and feel completely natural as if you never lost a tooth.

What is the Teeth in a Day Implants Procedure?

Teeth in a day implants, also known as an implant-supported hybrid bridge, replace an entire arch of teeth (upper or lower) using 4-6 dental implants per arch. This prosthetic is incredibly lifelike and looks just like your own teeth yet better. The prothetic sits comfortably on the supportive implants without pinching and irritating the patient’s gum.

Dental implants are a valuable option if your confidence has suffered due to multiple lost teeth. Implants are also an amazing solution for all speech issues from dentures or loose fitting and wobbly dentures that are basically plastic teeth kept in a glass jar next to a patient’s bedroom nightstand.

With teeth in a day implants, you do not need a dental implant for each missing tooth. Dr. Nia strategically places four implants on the bottom and top of your mouth to give you a beautiful full mouth of teeth. Because the dental implants are made of titanium, they fuse flawlessly to living bone and function as part of your mouth while helping you maintain a more youthful facial structure.

These dental implants are anchors for a rigid framework that evenly distributes chewing forces and creates a stronger and more aesthetically pleasinhorseshoe-shapeded bridge. With teeth in a day, you can get your natural smile back while looking better than ever!

How Teeth in a Day Implants are Superior to Dentures

The beauty of teeth in a day is they’re “fixed” giving you a permanent solution only removed by Dr. Nia for biannual maintenance. This means, unlike dentures, you have a solid, secure new set of teeth that eliminates coverage of the roof of your mouth and is far more aesthetically pleasing. This restores nearly 100% of your chewing function giving you complete comfort and freedom just like you experienced with your natural teeth at their healthiest stage.

Because teeth in a day are tightly secured, you never have to deal with taking them out and putting them back in or worrying about your speech being affected. If you wear dentures, you have to constantly utilize adhesive in different forms of powder or liquid based glue to keep dentures fixed to the arches. Biting can be difficult since the plastic plates of dentures are not fixed. Teeth in a day removes that frustration giving the wearer complete freedom to speak clearly and eat any kind of food.

Teeth in a day implants helps patients gain lip and cheek support that will continously be there so your facial profile never collapses like it does as soon as the patient removes their dentures. Teeth in a day also provides a solid facial and lip support and reduces wrinkles dramatically around the mouth and lip region area to provide a much younger and more youthful apprearance for the patient.

What is the Implant Dentistry Process?

When you choose dental implants at Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry and Buckhead Implant Center, you’ll start with patient consultation to discuss this life changing option.

Once you receive this option, you’ll wish you had done it many years earlier.

The next appointment is the facial analysis to make sure the new smile is completely customized for your bone structure and your face including studying the 2D & 3D imaging of your facial features and your wishes for your new smile. Based on your particular case, multiple implants are utilized for each arch to stabliaze your bite and smile properly. We know each patient comes with a unique situation, so Dr. Nia has a unique solution prepared to make every smile a complete success. During your consultation, 2D X-rays, professional photos and a 3D CT scan of your mouth are taken so a comprehensive treatment plan can be developed just for you and your new smiel

Dental Implants with Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry 

If you’re looking for full mouth dental implants in Buckhead, Dr. Nia uses teeth in a day to give patients a new smile all in one day. Dental implants look, feel, and work just like your natural teeth so you can eat and speak comfortably forgetting they’re even there. When you receive dental implants, they’ll function just like strong, healthy teeth so you can bite into all your favorite foods and flash that confident smile wherever you go.

Dr. Bahar Nia runs an award-winning cosmetic and implant dental practice that provides superior dental implants and a full mouth smile make over in Buckhead and the surrounding Atlanta area. However, don’t be surprised if you run into patients that are seeking her expertise from out of state and are there to get a full smile make over.

Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry provides smile makeovers to many patients including many influential celebrities from Atlanta and out of town. With Dr. Nia’s extensive knowledge in the dental industry and great care and detail to giving you a smile customized just for you, you can finally get that smile you’ve always wanted at a truly exceptional family owned private practice.

If you’re ready to make the change to a more confident you, contact Buckhead Cosmetic & Family Dentistry and Buckhead Implant Center to schedule a consultation so you can come in, relax, and talk with Dr. Nia to determine if teeth in a day dental implants are the right option for you.

Don’t wait for life to pass you by so quickly that tomorrow you regret not making the change for a better, more confident you today!

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